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At BBO we believe that dance has the power to enrich lives and communities. Our people are at the core of this ethos and they all aim to inspire a love of dance in those who join the BBO family.

Inspiring people


The BBO team are all here to help inspire the next generation of dancers and to ensure dance is accessible for all. From our staff at Headquarters to our amazing teaching faculty and Patrons, each and every one works towards a vision of dance for all.

“I believe dance gives you life skills which you may not have the opportunity to learn if you did not dance.”

Joseph Powell-Main, BBO Patron. 

The BBO Scholars Scheme

Our Scholars are some of the most talented BBO students from all around the UK. The Scholars programme offers a rich supplementary training with inspirational professionals drawn from different dance backgrounds.

A group of dancers standing on stage with one arm raised.

How we inspire you

BBO is the epitome of an inclusive, friendly, and supportive dance organisation. We pride ourselves in taking valuable time to get to know every member, teacher, and student and to fully support, nurture and engage with them throughout their journey with us.

We provide an inclusive safe space and ensure that everyone is given the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential.


We’ve made huge progress over the last few years and are keen to ensure that we continue to develop our status as a landmark of British Ballet, as envisioned by our founder, Edouard Espinosa 90 years ago.

Awarded Memberships
BBO Life Members

BBO Life Members were awarded this membership for their longstanding service to the organisation. They were selected at the discretion of the BBO team.

Honorary Members

BBO awards Honorary Memberships to people outside the organisation to celebrate and acknowledge the ongoing support and contribution of industry professionals with whom BBO has a long-standing association.

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