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Rebecca Crawshaw

We recently spoke to Rebecca Crawshaw, who studied our Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching!

Check out her experience of the course...

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What is your dance background?
I started dancing at the age of 3 at my local dance school, where we did classes, shows and exams. I trained in ballet, tap, modern and jazz and learned the BBO syllabus. 

At 12 years old, I became a BBO Scholar! I was a Junior Ballet Scholar for two years and a Jazz Scholar for 4 years. I also attended BBO’s Dance Days event. I went on to attend a Performing Arts College and then a Drama School, before becoming ill meaning I could no longer actively participate in dance. 

How did you hear about the BBO Teacher Training Courses?
I had always known about BBO from growing up with BBO Registered Teachers, so knew it was preferable to gain a teaching qualification. I had a few friends who started the Level 4 course and wanted to learn more, so I had a look on the website to find out about the courses. 

I was definitely interested in doing the course but still had a few questions, so I emailed the BBO team, which was really easy, and managed to have a chat with a staff member to find out more about the course. 

Why did you choose to do the Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching?
After becoming ill I could no longer dance myself, but wanted to stay connected to dance, so investigated the teaching route. Having the online aspects was great for me, it was very accessible. Especially after chatting to the team at BBO about what the course involved, I decided to go for it!

How did you find the application process?
The process was easy. Once you have the relevant documents ready to upload, the form itself is very self-explanatory and simple to complete. You can look through each section before completing it, so you know what to expect and can plan how long it will take you. Having a chat to the BBO team is useful if you need them, they’re easy to contact and are happy to answer questions. 

How to feel at the start of the course? 
We had an introductory session before the lectures started, which meant we could meet everyone before the work started. This really helped me to settle in and made the first lecture much less daunting because I’d already met everyone! I was worried about the fact I could no longer dance, but there was no judgement about anyone’s backgrounds. Having breakout room sessions helped to break the ice with other students; it can be tricky to get to know people online, but this was made very easy.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting the course?
I would recommend reading the Specification carefully before starting the course, also look at the reading materials. Each module is delivered clearly, with great support from the tutors, but it is much less overwhelming if you have already had a look at the course content yourself. 

What has been your favourite part of the course and why?
I really enjoyed completing my class observations. Since not being able to dance myself, I had lost some confidence in whether I’d be able to teach. Being able to watch so many different teaching styles was very insightful. I learned a lot about the different ways teachers can deliver their lessons, which gave me hope for my career!

I also really enjoyed recording my mini class. I liked putting my new skills into practice and building confidence in what I was capable of creating!

Would you recommend the Level 4 course and why?
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into teaching. The range of content and skills you learn equip you for any teaching pathway. For example, the Health and Safety sessions aren’t just about warming up, they include topics such as the right temperature for teaching a dance class, and a whole range of things I wouldn’t have expected to cover! The course also gives you business advice, so teaches you transferrable skills, not just how to teach dance steps. 
What are your aspirations for after the course?
I would love to be able to get back dancing myself, but I’m not sure what this will look like with my health. Having my own dance school and classes is a dream of mine, especially after all I’ve learned on the Level 4 course.

As well as teaching, I have a passion for accessibility and inclusivity within the industry. I would like to work with organisations to drive the development of this, there is lots of change that still needs to happen! 

Can you describe some of the main skills you learned on the course?
I was impressed with the level of inclusivity content included in the course; this gave me the hope I needed to pursue teaching even with my condition. 
The course covers such a range of skills and content that can be transferred into so many aspects of this industry, and other industries! 

Are you likely to apply for more courses run by BBO?
I’m very interested in the Level 5 Teacher Training course, it’s accessible to me now that I’ve done Level 4 and I know what to expect with how the courses are run. 

The CPD also looks very useful, getting to observe and hear from experienced teachers is such a great way to learn.

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