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Beyond Syllabus Dance Conference 2024

Check out the fantastic range of sessions happening at this year's conference...

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A dance teacher in front of a group of dancers, holding her hand to her face.

Thursday 30th May 2024 (Live on Zoom or Recording Download)

Paul Doyle 2.png

10:00am - 11:15am

Mindfulness for Dancers with Paul Doyle

Mindfulness is not just a buzzword; it's a profound state of awareness that allows us to consciously engage with our present experiences, both internally and externally. Research has shown that mindfulness can significantly enhance physical performance by sharpening concentration, alleviating performance anxiety, boosting emotional intelligence, and fortifying mental resilience. In this engaging online lecture, we will delve into the essence of mindfulness: What is it? How does it operate? And most importantly, how can it revolutionise your dance practice? Join us as we explore practical strategies to seamlessly integrate mindfulness into your daily routine, empowering you to elevate your dance journey to new heights.

Nick Allen_edited.jpg

11:45am - 1:00pm

The Fundamentals of Dance Medicine with Dr Nick Allen

Dr Nick Allen will be delivering a session to talk about the fundamentals of dance medicine and key areas to be aware of when considering the health and wellbeing of dancers. Nick is the Clinical Director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Alongside this he has worked as an external Consultant to LTA’s High-Performance Centre in Edgbaston, British Athletics, Great Britain Gymnastics, various Premiership Football and Rugby clubs and England and Great Britain Hockey.

Sophia 2.jpg

2:00pm - 3:15pm

Anyone Can Dance with Sophia Stubbs-LaRosa

This session will aim to provide dance teachers with the tools to access their own know-how and apply it to teaching in mainstream settings, as well as finding ways to link with the curriculum. Teaching in school settings can answer the conundrum of how to earn money during the daytime, when all of our normal cohorts are at school.

Erin Sanchez MSc by Dani Bower.png

3:45pm - 5:00pm

The Bigger Picture: Sociological Influences on Dance Training with Erin Sanchez MSc

Dance students and dance education exist within a wider context of social influences, from the dancers’ family to physical environment and economic and political factors. Dance teachers attending this session will learn about these may impact dancers in training based on current research in dance, psychology and educational sociology.

Friday 31st May 2024 (Live on Zoom or Recording Download)


10:00am - 11:15am

The Production of Dance Costumes with Elaine Garlick

Elaine Garlick is the Head of Costume for Birmingham Royal Ballet and has over 30 years of experience working with choreographers and designers producing new work for dance. She has worked with many of the major ballet companies and choreographers over the years. Elaine will discuss the timelines, roles and planning needed for the production of a new costumes for dance. Learn about the production elements that are specific to the dance world!

11:45am - 1:00pm

Session details coming soon...

Steven McRae by Johan Persson_edited.jpg

2:00pm - 3:15pm

Training in Multiple Dance Styles with Steven McRae

Steven McRae is a Principal Dancer with The Royal Ballet London. Born into a motorsport family in Sydney Australia, Steven pursued his passion for dance and after winning a Prix de Lausanne Scholarship to train at the Royal Ballet School in London he joined The Royal Ballet Company aged 18. Promoted through the ranks to Principal in 2009, he has performed all the leading roles of the company’s heritage repertoire as well as created roles in new works by McGregor, Wheeldon, Scarlett, Tharp, Ratmansky, Marriot, Tuckett, Brandstrup, Swan-Pouffer. McRae’s diversity has seen him dance on stages across the world with other companies including the Australian Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Bolshoi Ballet, National Ballet of Canada and Tokyo Ballet. Awards include Best Male Dancer 2011 Critics Circle Awards, Young Australian Achiever in the UK 2014, Dancer of the Year 2014 & 2023 Positano Premia La Danza.

3:45pm - 5:00pm

Session details coming soon...

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